Thursday, February 28, 2008

CSUFresno to Appeal Johnson-Klein Ruling

So CSUFresno has decided to try to appeal the ruling for Stacy Johnson-Klein and for Vivas for a new trial. Stacy Johnson-Klein's attorney, Warren Paboojian was on Ray Appleton's show today talking about it. There is also talk that this opens Stacy Johnson-Klein up to appeal the reduction that she agree to. What is shocking is that CSUFresno made this big show about how happy they are to move on from all this. Apparently, while the school said they wanted to pay her off and move on, the school hasn't paid anything nor made an effort to. Paboojian said that he thinks this is coming from higher up than the school, possibly the Chancellor's office in Long Beach. In addition to all lawyer costs but CSU system will have to pay interest on the settlement and opposing counsels fees if the CSU loses the appeal. It takes 18 months to 2 years to decide if the appeal will be granted. Interest on the settlement will accumulate about $80,000 a month. I think that the school doesn't think about that monetary risk because they don't have to pay anything until the appeal is ruled on. That financial risk is on top of the risk of the appeal being granted and CSUF looses big again but this time with out the reduction. Now there is always the chance that CSUF will be exonerated and have to pay nothing but I think the chances of that are very slim. Given their past track record in this area they would have needed to uncover something big on the coaches. Ray Appleton has wondered if this is just ego driven or if they have something new to blow away the opposition.

So how do you think this will effect this new Capitol campaign for CSUFresno? Are you willing to donate to the school now? This will all develop into some interesting blog material.

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