Friday, May 30, 2008

Paul Dictos: His Response

So after my blog post yesterday I emailed him regarding my concerns due to his lack of reporting if there was questionable behavior. So here is his response.

Dear NerdMom(OK, his used my name;):

Thank you for your e-mail. Your concerns are well taken.

You sound like a concerned citizen who is involved in the community.

I applaud you for that.

Unfortunately, as a CPA I am STATUTORILY PROHIBITED from disclosing my
findings to the media or anyone else without written permission from the
client. I am by law and the Code of professional ethics restricted and
cannot defend myself except in the court room. Unfortunately the District
can defame me with the media with impunity. I am sure you are aware that my
audit reports and findings, once submitted to the Distirct, are a public
record and can be accessed under the California Public Documents Act.

If you elect me as your next Supervisor then I will be free to disclose and
talk about government waste and mismanagement, when I find it. You and your
friends can rest assured that I will bring CNN to the Hall of Records and
expose the County when things go wrong, and there is plenty of wrong going
on right now. Deficits, cover-ups, bonds being downgraded to junk, and
more. Things dealing with the Fresno County fiscal crisis I can discuss
freely with your group and would be glad to meet with you and anyone else
who is interested to find out what is wrong with the County.

I give you my promise that I will blow the whistle when it needs to be

I will allways stand up for the rights of seniors.

Thank you again.

Paul Dictos, CPA

This didn't really answer my questions/address the issue. So I sent him a follow up. I wasn't talking about reporting issues to the Fresno Bee. I was speaking of reporting questionable issues to those that the Pinedale Water District answer to because I believe they have higher levels of government that they answer to. I would parallel it to a business. Where as you can't release it to the public, you would be able to go to the stock holders. Why didn't he go to the next level within the government? Otherwise, this would be huge loop hole for government entities to hide information. Because if someone questions something and don't finish the audit can never be reported but if you finish the audit it becomes public knowledge? That seems counter intuitive.

So we wait to see his response.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paul Dictos: Out for the people or himself?

I don't know if anyone read the article in the Bee yesterday on Dictos but I found it very interesting. Paul Dictos is currently running for Fresno County Supervisor in District 2. It was a while ago that it came out that the County Clerk messed up his candidate statement by leaving off his name in the closing (and added an "and"). The County Clerk offered him the pro-rated refund based on the left off words ($15) but Dictos wants the total refunded. I can kind of understand that but I would choose to wait until after the election to really do anything about it because it seems a bit petty.

Well, now there is a new money issue with Paul Dictos. He has filed a small claims lawsuit against the Pindedale County Water District for $7500. This is based on an audit that he quit do to questions the district wouldn't answer and now he wants to be paid. Oh.... so many issues this raises. My first question, he didn't finish the audit. Why should he be paid for it? Is this just the amount do for the part he did or the part he didn't do (the article seemed imply that it was the balance on the agreement)? He broke the contract, why do they owe him the remainder? Second, regardless of the claims viability, is it in good taste to do this during a campaign? Why couldn't he have waited? Did he need $7500 today versus 6 months from now?

My last issue is a huge one. Dictos said discovered financial problems with on of the Water District's contracts and when he went to the district officials they "did not want to hear about his findings and they yelled at him". Then he decided to quit and the district hired someone else who completed the audit without the information/clarification that Dictos wanted. I totally understand not wanting to be a party to something questionable but in the big picture, what did he do about it? This is taxpayer's money, just like the money he would be dealing with if elected Supervisor. It wasn't mentioned if he chose to report this issue to anyone to whom the Water District would answer to. I am not sure who that would be but if worst came to worst, all roads lead to Sacramento. If he wouldn't report this when he had the opportunity how will he stand up for us if elected? You prove you are trustworthy with the small before you should be given the large.

I will be emailing Dictos my questions. I will let you know if he gives me any answers.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Free Summer Baseball League (Kids)

The Clovis Police Activities League is going to be holding a free Junior Giants Baseball League. The league is free but there is a $5 yearly fee to be involved with PAL. But that is nothing for a sports team. It is for kids 5-18 and runs Tuesday and Thursdays June 10, 2008 -July 17, 2008. They will be meeting at Clark Junior High. You can call 559-324-2543 for more information.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Electronics Recycling

So you have old electronics and don't know what to do with them. Well, first see if Costco will give you money for them. If not, why not donate them for the Trauma Intervention Programs? June 7, 2008 from 9am-3pm you can drop off your old electronics at Fresno County Fire Stations 85 (1392 E Nees Ave, Clovis). Have questions? Give them a call at 559-905-7341.

Food Network Giveaway!!!!

I know this isn't the kind of posts I usually post here but....I just wanted to let all my readers here know about a Food Network Giveaway that is currently running on my food blog, Nerd Family Food. Just go over and get registered for a great prize pack in honor of the Next Food Network Star!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fresno Met Summer Camp

There is a great post over at Fresno Famous on the Fresno Met Summer Camp by Johne. He goes through all the details.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Best Hot Dogs in Fresno

Fresno Famous is looking for the best hot dogs in Fresno. I have to say that I haven't tried many local places but I love Costco. What do you all think?

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CSUF's Farm Market

Now that we are fully launching into summer and construction is done on Chestnut and Barstow, it is a great time to go to Fresno State's Farm Market.

Now I have been in love with the Farm Store since I was a Brownie in 3rd grade and got to take a tour and try their ice cream. I love their produce and usually their prices. But since I had kids and everything was under construction I haven't really ventured out there because parking was horrible. Now they have expanded the parking lot and you can actually drive out there.

But it gets better! Tuesdays they have free ice cream tasting from 9am -6pm! May is sherbet month. Then on Thursdays and Fridays from 4-6pm they have a wine tasting that is only $5 and you get a glass!

So everyone go check it out and let me know what you all think.

M-F 8am-7pm
Sat 9am-6pm
Sun 11am-5pm

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Mayoral Forum Online

KVPT has the Mayoral Forum from April 2, 2008 and May12, 2008 online.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I am so excited!

I was sitting at the light at Kings Canyon and Peach this morning and I noticed something wonderful. At the south/west corner of the intersection there was a sign that said WinCo and CVS will be coming soon. The lot also had trucks that were working and level, clean ground! I have heard such good things about CVS from people who live by them so I am stoked. I already love WinCo so this all is a win-win!

Breaking News: Schuster Verdict

Larissa Schuster has received life without the possibility of parole. She murdered her husband Timothy and sealed his body in a barrel of acid. For further information you can pop over to the Fresno Bee.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Possible Local Treasure

Thanks to a find today, I have discovered a possible local treasure. Boba Cabana is a local coffee house across the street from Fresno State's stadium on Barstow. They have free WiFi available, so right there that is a great asset. They also will give you a free drink on your birthday if you just show them you birthday on your ID. Now, I haven't tried them yet so for all I know it may stink but I think it is worth checking out! I will report back when I have more info.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Get Your Shred On!

So now that tax season is over it is time to celebrate. But all my shredding I have to do is in the way of my happy dance. You know what I mean, all of last years power bills, credit cards statements and the taxes that have now aged out of storage. But, if you are like us you only have a little shredder with a little bin. So about this time of year a spend a few hours shredding and bagging, ugh. Well, Central Valley Community Bank is holding FREE mobile shredding services around the valley. You are limited to 6 banker boxes per person or business. I even called to see if it was going to be in the parking lot so I could pull up and leave the kids in the car. They said it is but the kids might want to get out and watch it shred. The man who comes out even has a camera so you can actually watch it shred. So you can get ride of you personal papers and entertain the kids all at once!

So here are the details but every location will be 9-noon the appointed day:

May 20, 2008 at the Sunnyside Office (570 S. Clovis Ste 101, (559)323-3400)
May 29, 2008 at the Herndon and Fowler Office(1795 Herndon Ave Ste 101 (559)323-2200)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fresno County 5th District Supervisor Race

So I am predicting that the 5th District Supervisor race is going to get mighty interesting. In the interest of full disclosure, I know Nathan Magsig's wife from MOPS but that won't blind me. But between know Julie (and meeting her husband briefly on many occasions) and this being my district I am very intrigued as to how this all is going to be going down. I have been hearing for a while that this is going to be a bit of the old school versus new school but I am not sure how it is going to shake out.

I am interested to see who Waterson ends up endorsing. Though Magsig definitely came out on top on the bookshelf comparison with Poochigian. I would take Drucker for inspiration for leadership over Seuss any day. Though Seuss has his place in politics too;).

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Fresno County: Superintendent Training Ground?

I saw an interesting phenomena mentioned in Friday's Fresno Bee. Apparently 5 area superintendents are leaving their positions at the end of the school year. 3 are retiring but 2 are just relocating. A couple things about it strike me as odd. I find it all that all 5 are leaving in one period. I also find the 2 that are moving on just curious. It seems around here that people who get to this level are local yocals and stick around for ever. Are we getting a new type of head honcho? I know that some former FSUD supers are/were up for bigger areas. Maybe it is just that I was raised in Clovis and people seem to be here forever;).