Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Does a Billion Dollars Buy?

If you want to see what a billion dollars worth of renovation looks like take the Billion Dollar Tour in Downtown Fresno. It is Saturday September 27th and is Free! Go over and read all the details.

(HT: Fresno Famous)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mayoral Election

According to a survey that was just done the Fresno Mayoral race is completely still in play. But Swearengin is ahead by 3% but with 7% undecided and an unknown margin of error, anything can happen.

Oh, I think that is the phone survey we got called on here at the NerdHouse. Small world;).

Monday, September 22, 2008

To Be in the Father's Shadow

I admit it, I have always felt like I live in my mother's shadow. Maybe that is why I can empathize with Michael Der Manouel Jr. ABC 30 ran a story saying that he had endorsed Henry T. Perea for mayor. But the problem is that it was Michael Der Manouel Sr. who endorsed Perea. Not only did Jr. not endorse Perea, he actually endorsed his opponent, Ashley Swearengen.

Ah, the Fresno political circles;).

(HT: Fresno Bee Opinion)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Talk Radio and a Mayor: Bad Idea

So Mayor Autry is doing a a talk radio show on KYNO. That is now, not when he leaves. According to the Bee's article, the City attorney thinks that Autry can avoid any conflicts of interest. I don't care, I think that Autry getting a 2nd job is a mistake and in bad taste. One of the reasons that the mayor of Fresno is paid almost $100 grand a year is so that they can dedicate themselves mind, body and soul to the business of the City of Fresno. Apparently George Hostetter agrees with me because he said:

* And what about Autry's insightful analyses of issues dear to the citizens of Fresno? Are those personal assets he can sell to the highest bidder and retain the money? Or, while he is in office, do those assets (and any money derived from them) belong to Fresnans?

After all, it was the people who loaned Autry the position that enables him to acquire such valuable (and apparently highly liquid) insights into the city's workings.

Mayor Autry, show some taste and discretion. Just wait a few months to begin this job. You will still be able to capitalize on being mayor. Take a note from my mom when she used to say, "Always avoid the allusion of an indiscretion".

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mayoral Debates

Bill McEwen has all the details on the up coming Mayoral debates. Not only can you go to them, you can listen to 1 on kmj and watch one on tv. Go check it out and get informed.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Politics, Money, Criminals and Public Safety

I understand that Sheriff Mims is upset over the impending budget cuts (ie hasn't happened yet) to her department. I also understand how that led to the proposed early releases, not that I agree with that. But her refusal to release the names to Chief Dyer is ridiculous. This is where you are crossing political games with risking public safety, something she may have sworn to uphold. This was a request that the Fresno PD made as to enable them to track those criminals who are released due to over crowding only. Even though no inmates have been released yet due to Autry's court case, Mims was still willing to risk it. This maybe deadly to her public career at least in my eyes. I would be willing to hear or post anything Sheriff Mims might have to say that could possibly have justified this action.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Clovis Community Outpatient Center

So I am sitting in the waiting room at the Clovis Community Outpatient center waiting for NerdDad to get out of recovery (read details and see pictures over at NerdFamily) and on the whole I am impressed with the whole facility. They seem to have it down to a system. We arrived in registration at 5:30 am (yes that is AM) and by 6:30 he was in surgery. I have to say as a wife I appreciated how considerate everyone is of not just my husband but me too. I was asked by different staff that came in to prep if I specifically had any questions. Then the doctor came out with pictures and gave me a report before going into the next surgery.

1 odd thing in the waiting room though. They have a beautiful big lcd tv that is flashing local pictures while in the corner they have a relatively small tv for actually watching tv. What a waste.