Monday, September 8, 2008

Politics, Money, Criminals and Public Safety

I understand that Sheriff Mims is upset over the impending budget cuts (ie hasn't happened yet) to her department. I also understand how that led to the proposed early releases, not that I agree with that. But her refusal to release the names to Chief Dyer is ridiculous. This is where you are crossing political games with risking public safety, something she may have sworn to uphold. This was a request that the Fresno PD made as to enable them to track those criminals who are released due to over crowding only. Even though no inmates have been released yet due to Autry's court case, Mims was still willing to risk it. This maybe deadly to her public career at least in my eyes. I would be willing to hear or post anything Sheriff Mims might have to say that could possibly have justified this action.

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