Thursday, June 26, 2008

I found some deals!

Ok Fresnans, you can't say that I don't tell you about my deals. I was at the Target at Willow and Herndon this morning and found some deals. They have a lot of women's clothing and all kinds of shoes on clearance. I mean baby shoes, little girls, boys, and some women's shoes. They have sandals that there is still plenty of time to wear in Fresno and shoes for the fall. They also have all the kids' outdoor things on clearance like the little water boot, chairs, etc.

So go check it out!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hazza California Pizza Kitchen!

So a while ago Episteusa wrote a very ho-hum review of California Pizza Kitchen (can be good just isn't always). Then I found this Kid's Birthday Freebie there and signed up all the Nerdlings, not sure if we were all going to go or not. Well I got in 3 kids coupons and I decided to investigate if I could use them for take out. Well, not only did I get 3 full meals for my kids without having to order anything, I didn't even have to get out of my car! While I can't vouch for the adult food (I just had some of the Kids' pizza and it was just ok) the service was great! They brought it all out to the car and didn't balk at the coupons. Will that make me go there for a meal? Quite possibly. I will at least be doing the kids' birthday coupons again (and you should go check out the Kids' Deal too)!

Monday, June 23, 2008

McCain Came to Fresno

So what happened? Well, unfortunately I couldn't go but John Ellis over at the Fresno Bee did some live updating. So go check it out!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Retirees Have to Pay Back Money

In Thursday Fresno Bee there was an article about the past overpayment to some Fresno County retirees. Apparently Retirement officials have over paid some retirees for about 20 years and now they want some of their money back. FCERA has agreed to make retirees return the overpayment for the last 3 years in a addition to 3% interest. This just doesn't seem right. There wasn't any mention of fraud on behalf of the retirees. It appears that the system just messed up.

Now I understand that this is all probably legal due to contracts that are probably in their retirement deals. I mean it just doesn't SEEM right. 1 person owes $20,000. While I understand they received it so they had it, I don't know if it works that way. They are also collecting from estates for people who have passed away but were effected. The system wants the money that they should have but do they have a reasonable right to demand it back? Should any attention be paid to the chaos this will cause?

A very frustrating situation.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Go See John McCain

John McCain will be in Fresno on Monday(June 23,2008) morning. It is a Town Hall Meeting at CSUF's Satellite Student Union. The doors open at 8am but the website does not say what time it actually starts.

(HT: Fresno Famous)

Kuppa Joe Concert

So, it is Friday and you that are foot loose and fancy free need something to do tonight, right? Well, you can drop in over at Kuppa Joe for a great concert for a measly $5 cover. Want more info? Well, go to their site and get some!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Free Movie Night!

OK all you SouthEasters there is going to be a free movie night in our area. The Southgate Church that meets at John Wash Elementary will be having a free Movie Night on Saturday, June 28, 2008. They are going to be showing Cars. Also they are going to have popcorn, candy, drinks and raffle prizes. It will be from 6-8:30pm.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Autry: Free Speech or Loose Lips?

So if you read the Fresno Bee you are familiar with the fact that Fresno City and the ACLU/Homeless came to a settlement agreement regarding the when the City executed raids on the homeless encampments. Well, before the settlement could be finalized Fresno Mayor Alan Autry had to slam it.

In a prepared statement released after the settlement was approved Friday, Autry said the city would comply with Wanger's ruling, but he called on the judge to lower the $750,000 in attorney's fees to be paid by the city. Attorneys for the American Civil Liberties Union represented the homeless.

"This white-collar exploitation of the homeless by the court and the lawyers is unconscionable," Autry said. "I am calling upon the ACLU and Judge Wanger to require half of the exorbitant fees of $750,000 to be donated to homeless programs."

So when Judge Wanger threatened to kill the settlement and for Autry to come in and explain his statements some people flipped out a bit. They (including Autry) are claiming the First Amendment right. So did someone tell Autry he couldn't talk and I missed it? First off, the First Amendment right doesn't absolve you of taking responsibility for the words you say. Autry, both directly and as part of the city government, is a party to this suit. So his comment upon the settlement is important. Autry is part of the group who negotiated this settlement (not the Judge at all) and then wants to come out and slam it? The court does have to take a step to make sure that no one is strong armed into a settlement so its examination of Autry and his feelings of victimization are reasonable before a settlement is approved. If Autry thinks that this settlement is exploitive maybe HE shouldn't be part of it and take his chances in court.

Then dealing with the First Amendment argument. This was a prepared statement. It isn't like someone over heard him telling a friend or his wife in a restuarant. This was made as the Mayor and therefore it was spoke as being for the City. Autry, you are the mayor. You are paid to represent the people of Fresno in word and deed. You just want to talk in front of the cameras and it not have any bearing? Just wait until you leave office.

Separately, you realize you can be charged with contempt of court? That is an implication of the fact you are supposed to respect it. Accusing it of exploiting people is not respect.

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Autry: Free Speech or Loose Lips

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I heard eons ago that Panera was coming to town and I have been waiting with baited breath. I heard about the free WiFi and good food so I was stoked this last Sunday when I had a few minutes to go check it out. I was out at Sierra Vista checking out the new video game store and popped over to take this picture. I then went in to get something to drink and couldn't (wouldn't wait) get all the way in so I could order. It was so crowded. There are inner and outer doors and the line in was in between them. It was about 1pm on Sunday so I am hoping that the craziness is a combo of post church shoppers and the newness. I will give it another try in the future. So have any of you tried it yet? Is it always crowded?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cars, Cars Everywhere

NerdDad and I did go to the Men Who Cook event at the Fresno Art Museum but this is the crux of the event for us: to many people and cars. It was an event planner's dream with lots of people and not as much food. I have heard the key to this is getting there right at 6pm but we got there closer to 6:30. You walked in the courtyard and saw some nice paintings and then went over to the front and they had all the booths there. It was pretty crowded. I had expected to see a little more local celebrity but it was fine. I did find it hard to believe that these guys did all the food when they kept saying that someone was bringing out more food (an overheard statement at many booths). Honestly, we perused around and then went out to dinner;). But before we left, I had to try Bill McEwen's (from the Bee) dessert. He had made a public call for recipes in his column a couple weeks ago so I was anxious to try out the winner. I have to say I was disappointed. They were very cute looking sugar cookies shaped like palettes with M&M's glued on with icing. They were ok sugar cookies. Bill, email me and I will help you out next year!

So will we go again, I am not sure. But now I know what it is all about!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Free Movies in the Park

Tonight is the night that Movies in the Park at Eaton Plaza start. It is a free event that will start at dusk every Friday night between now and the end of September. Tonight's offering is Transformers and you can go over and see the rest of the season's offerings.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

I am so excited!!!! I just found out that I won tickets from Central Valley Moms for Men Who Cook! That is a fundraiser at the Fresno Art Museum this Friday. 50 guys will be cooking for everyone! It is only $20 a person and is this Friday from 6-9pm.

Fresno Regional Foundation: Youth Grants

The Fresno Regional Foundation Youth Grants Cycle is now open. You can now begin submitting applications. This piece was taken out of their 2008 Grant Guidelines in the section on the Youth Funding.

Special Considerations

There is approximately $30,000 in funds available for programs targeted at parks or music. The Foundation will be granting $225,000 in the area of teen pregnancy prevention (see TPP Addendum for details).

Deadline for applying for Youth funding:

August 7, 2008, 5:00 p.m.

Applications are accepted anytime prior to the deadline. The Board of Directors and its Grants Committees will make final grant determinations, notifications, and awards approximately September 30, 2008.

Grant Amounts and Duration

The Fresno Regional Foundation will award approximately $365,000 in its Youth grant cycle. Of that, $225,000 will be earmarked specifically for programs that address teen pregnancy prevention. Grant awards may range from $1,000 to $50,000.
Generally, funding for non-teen pregnancy prevention requests will be awarded for a one-year period but may vary depending on the amount of time necessary for grantees to meet the objective described in their funding request. All teen pregnancy prevention grants will be for a two-year period.

Bidders Meeting

July 24, 2008, 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
United Way of Fresno County
4949 E. Kings Canyon Rd
Fresno, CA 93727

They also award funding in other areas such as Human Services but those are subject to other dates.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Way to Beat the Summer Blahs

So Works for Me Wednesday is dealing with summer boredom. Well, my favorite blah buster in Fresno is the Zoo memberships. To go to the Chaffee Zoo on time would break down like this: $7 an adult and $3.50 per kid 2 and up. So for the Nerd Family that would total $24.50. A Family Pass is only $50. You can take 2 adults (one of who's name must be on the pass) and up to 4 kids. So not only do we pay for it in about 2 visits but when NerdDad isn't with us I can take a friend and one of her kids. Having little kids it is also a deal because you don't have to worry about getting you entry fee's worth. If the kids are tired you can feel free to leave and check it our next time. This is just about the best deal in the valley. The pass is also good on a variety of zoos outside of our area and discounts in even more (free San Jose and a 50% discount at San Francisco's Aquarium). So while you are traveling look out for an extra deal!

For those outside of Fresno, almost all zoos have deals like this as do many other attractions. So if you find a place your kids like to visit ask!

Adam's Law Passes the Assembly

Love Mike Villines or hate, at least he is trying to work for us.

Assembly Bill 1987 was introduced by Assemblyman Villines in response to the case of a young Fresno resident, Adam Carbajal, who as a toddler was the victim of a devastating attack at the hands of a family friend. Adam suffered permanent brain damage and is completely paralyzed on his right side, leaving him unable to walk or say more than a few words.

A deficiency in state law resulted in Adam’s attacker only being charged with 2 counts of willful cruelty to a child under the age of five and corporal injury to a child. Current law does not take into consideration the end result of an incident of child abuse when determining the sentence. The punishment is the same whether the child suffers brain damage or a broken arm.

Adam’s Law will change the law by raising the sentencing standards for anyone who abuses a child under the age of 8 and causes permanent injury or disability to the child. The increased punishment will carry a 15 year-to-life sentence. This new penalty will be less than the punishment for an assault that results in the death of a child, but more than the punishment for the crime of felony child abuse that results in non-permanent injury.

I am hoping that this will this bill will pass the Senate next. When I am so discouraged by the games and mean campaigns I find it encouraging that someone is actually trying to get something done. I believe the lack of penalty in child abuse cases always shocks us as a society and as individuals. So why has it taken so long for someone to actually suggest doing something about it?

Monday, June 2, 2008

New Tower Ice Cream Shop

So there is going to be a new ice cream shop in the Tower, Scoops, that is scheduled to open in June! But wait it gets better, they will be serving ice cream from the famed Superior Dairy in Hanford. That ice cream is so good (from what I vaguely remember as a kid) I can't wait!

(HT: Mike Oz)