Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Way to Beat the Summer Blahs

So Works for Me Wednesday is dealing with summer boredom. Well, my favorite blah buster in Fresno is the Zoo memberships. To go to the Chaffee Zoo on time would break down like this: $7 an adult and $3.50 per kid 2 and up. So for the Nerd Family that would total $24.50. A Family Pass is only $50. You can take 2 adults (one of who's name must be on the pass) and up to 4 kids. So not only do we pay for it in about 2 visits but when NerdDad isn't with us I can take a friend and one of her kids. Having little kids it is also a deal because you don't have to worry about getting you entry fee's worth. If the kids are tired you can feel free to leave and check it our next time. This is just about the best deal in the valley. The pass is also good on a variety of zoos outside of our area and discounts in even more (free San Jose and a 50% discount at San Francisco's Aquarium). So while you are traveling look out for an extra deal!

For those outside of Fresno, almost all zoos have deals like this as do many other attractions. So if you find a place your kids like to visit ask!

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BundyMum said...

Thanks for the tip! We have places like that, who will sell yearly passes for $5 just prior to school holidays so I make sure I get in early!

Thanks for sharing!