Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cars, Cars Everywhere

NerdDad and I did go to the Men Who Cook event at the Fresno Art Museum but this is the crux of the event for us: to many people and cars. It was an event planner's dream with lots of people and not as much food. I have heard the key to this is getting there right at 6pm but we got there closer to 6:30. You walked in the courtyard and saw some nice paintings and then went over to the front and they had all the booths there. It was pretty crowded. I had expected to see a little more local celebrity but it was fine. I did find it hard to believe that these guys did all the food when they kept saying that someone was bringing out more food (an overheard statement at many booths). Honestly, we perused around and then went out to dinner;). But before we left, I had to try Bill McEwen's (from the Bee) dessert. He had made a public call for recipes in his column a couple weeks ago so I was anxious to try out the winner. I have to say I was disappointed. They were very cute looking sugar cookies shaped like palettes with M&M's glued on with icing. They were ok sugar cookies. Bill, email me and I will help you out next year!

So will we go again, I am not sure. But now I know what it is all about!

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