Thursday, September 4, 2008

Clovis Community Outpatient Center

So I am sitting in the waiting room at the Clovis Community Outpatient center waiting for NerdDad to get out of recovery (read details and see pictures over at NerdFamily) and on the whole I am impressed with the whole facility. They seem to have it down to a system. We arrived in registration at 5:30 am (yes that is AM) and by 6:30 he was in surgery. I have to say as a wife I appreciated how considerate everyone is of not just my husband but me too. I was asked by different staff that came in to prep if I specifically had any questions. Then the doctor came out with pictures and gave me a report before going into the next surgery.

1 odd thing in the waiting room though. They have a beautiful big lcd tv that is flashing local pictures while in the corner they have a relatively small tv for actually watching tv. What a waste.

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