Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paul Dictos: Out for the people or himself?

I don't know if anyone read the article in the Bee yesterday on Dictos but I found it very interesting. Paul Dictos is currently running for Fresno County Supervisor in District 2. It was a while ago that it came out that the County Clerk messed up his candidate statement by leaving off his name in the closing (and added an "and"). The County Clerk offered him the pro-rated refund based on the left off words ($15) but Dictos wants the total refunded. I can kind of understand that but I would choose to wait until after the election to really do anything about it because it seems a bit petty.

Well, now there is a new money issue with Paul Dictos. He has filed a small claims lawsuit against the Pindedale County Water District for $7500. This is based on an audit that he quit do to questions the district wouldn't answer and now he wants to be paid. Oh.... so many issues this raises. My first question, he didn't finish the audit. Why should he be paid for it? Is this just the amount do for the part he did or the part he didn't do (the article seemed imply that it was the balance on the agreement)? He broke the contract, why do they owe him the remainder? Second, regardless of the claims viability, is it in good taste to do this during a campaign? Why couldn't he have waited? Did he need $7500 today versus 6 months from now?

My last issue is a huge one. Dictos said discovered financial problems with on of the Water District's contracts and when he went to the district officials they "did not want to hear about his findings and they yelled at him". Then he decided to quit and the district hired someone else who completed the audit without the information/clarification that Dictos wanted. I totally understand not wanting to be a party to something questionable but in the big picture, what did he do about it? This is taxpayer's money, just like the money he would be dealing with if elected Supervisor. It wasn't mentioned if he chose to report this issue to anyone to whom the Water District would answer to. I am not sure who that would be but if worst came to worst, all roads lead to Sacramento. If he wouldn't report this when he had the opportunity how will he stand up for us if elected? You prove you are trustworthy with the small before you should be given the large.

I will be emailing Dictos my questions. I will let you know if he gives me any answers.

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Anonymous said...

He is always out for himself....just a nutty guy.