Friday, May 30, 2008

Paul Dictos: His Response

So after my blog post yesterday I emailed him regarding my concerns due to his lack of reporting if there was questionable behavior. So here is his response.

Dear NerdMom(OK, his used my name;):

Thank you for your e-mail. Your concerns are well taken.

You sound like a concerned citizen who is involved in the community.

I applaud you for that.

Unfortunately, as a CPA I am STATUTORILY PROHIBITED from disclosing my
findings to the media or anyone else without written permission from the
client. I am by law and the Code of professional ethics restricted and
cannot defend myself except in the court room. Unfortunately the District
can defame me with the media with impunity. I am sure you are aware that my
audit reports and findings, once submitted to the Distirct, are a public
record and can be accessed under the California Public Documents Act.

If you elect me as your next Supervisor then I will be free to disclose and
talk about government waste and mismanagement, when I find it. You and your
friends can rest assured that I will bring CNN to the Hall of Records and
expose the County when things go wrong, and there is plenty of wrong going
on right now. Deficits, cover-ups, bonds being downgraded to junk, and
more. Things dealing with the Fresno County fiscal crisis I can discuss
freely with your group and would be glad to meet with you and anyone else
who is interested to find out what is wrong with the County.

I give you my promise that I will blow the whistle when it needs to be

I will allways stand up for the rights of seniors.

Thank you again.

Paul Dictos, CPA

This didn't really answer my questions/address the issue. So I sent him a follow up. I wasn't talking about reporting issues to the Fresno Bee. I was speaking of reporting questionable issues to those that the Pinedale Water District answer to because I believe they have higher levels of government that they answer to. I would parallel it to a business. Where as you can't release it to the public, you would be able to go to the stock holders. Why didn't he go to the next level within the government? Otherwise, this would be huge loop hole for government entities to hide information. Because if someone questions something and don't finish the audit can never be reported but if you finish the audit it becomes public knowledge? That seems counter intuitive.

So we wait to see his response.

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