Thursday, February 14, 2008

Johnson-Klein Takes 1/3 Settlement

So Stacy Johnson-Klein took the $6.6 million settlement. But why? One reason of course is the unknown. This jury ruled for her but who knows what another would think. But I don't think that is the real reason, I think she wants to move on. The key is what that means. There was a mention of 2 key things. First, she is going to be an "advocate" for gender equity. But I think the real key is the book she is planning on writing. Yes, it is going to be about her childhood and all that but what will sell books is the lawsuit and her time at CSUFresno. That will be gone if she lost. Also she needs to strike while the iron is hot. Another trial could drag on forever and drown her into anonymity. The other thing is that parties are not usually not allowed to comment on pending cases (and like CSUFresno wouldn't file a gag order if there was a way around it). So maybe she settle for less in hopes of making more. What do you think?

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