Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bentley's Bistro

So I got to out to lunch (without kids!) with a friend on Good Friday. Since we were doing some other things in North Fresno we decided to give Bentley's Bistro a shot. It was pretty good. The only real issue I had was environment regulation. It has a great patio area but the inside is just open to the patio. It was rather chilly that day in the shade so both my friend and I were a bit cold. I don't know if it is set up that way in the winter but in early spring it is still a bit risky.

The food was good and just a touch pricey (better than I expected). Lunch ranges between $9 and $26 (for a rib eye steak) and dinner is between $23 and $36 with a variety of steaks to choose from. I got Bentley's Turkey Club and my friend got the Ruben Sandwich. Both started with salads and they were fresh and crisp. The Turkey Club was quite large and very good. It was served on a fresh croissant and came with fries. I had half that day for lunch and 2 days later ate the rest and it was still good. The bacon was great and cooked perfectly. Since it was thick cut bacon it wasn't so crispy that it broke with your first bite. The tomato was one of the best I have had this year. I will be returning to their market to buy those. My friend really enjoyed her Ruben. She said that the rye bread was really great. The service was good. The waitress wasn't thrown at all by a special order and our sodas were always filled. She even took our plates away to box up our food.

I will be returning to Bentley's Bistro for the good food and great service!

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