Monday, March 17, 2008

Union Tries to Get Local Support

According to a Fresno Bee article, SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West is trying to unionized Community Med Centers technicians, nursing assistants, clerks and housekeepers. To begin with I don't like unions. Usually they are just lining their own pockets and protecting bad workers. Let us be honest, a good worker is worth what ever the market will pay but incompetents shouldn't be shielded, but I digress. What is the evidence that they have to be making money? The fact that the union is spending money buying 2 billboard ads and numerous print ads. There has to be money in it for the union.

It always surprises me when people assume unions are just here to protect workers. When it comes to wage and benefit controls the solution is simple. If no one will work for a certain amount the employer will pay more. Unions cause prices to go up with no benefit to anyone.

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