Friday, April 4, 2008

Mayoral Links

Bill McEwen posted a list of Mayoral websites. I thought I would post them here for all to use.

Jim Boswell:

Tom Boyajian:

Mike Dages:

Jerry Duncan:

Jeff Eben:

Henry T. Perea:

Ashley Swearengin:

This isn't the complete field. If any one sees any others, please let me know!

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Adrian said...

Hey there NerdMom!

I'm making a new part of my site available to anyone to edit and it includes a page for the local elections. I posted their web addresses some time ago! And I invited each of them to add their web site as well. The site is a wiki so anyone can edit it!

The site itself,, is a Fresno news Web site that is gaining some traction. I'm about to launch a "Coupons by Map" feature that lets people get deals on Fresno businesses, and search by map! Pretty cool, so I hope you take a look!