Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Revolution in Fresno?

I was out running errands with the brood today and was listening to Ray Appleton. I came into the show late and he was talking with Major Autry about the water crisis in this area for farmers. I don't know all the details but there is a water crisis in Fresno and its outlaying areas due to the need to save the lives of smelt (a fish). It is another time when the environmentalists aren't thinking about human live and its value at all. Apparently there was a hearing with House Subcommittee on Water and Power where Autry was a witness. So Major Autry and Appleton were discussing the long term and devastating effects this is having especially in the small communities in the area. At one point Major Autry said if this issue isn't resolved that we need to think about how to revolt, possibly by not paying our property taxes. Now I didn't listen to the entire 2 hours but I find this interesting. You can go over and listen to the podcast then tell me what you think.


Marla said...
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Marla said...

Secret water diversion is a ruthless and barbaric operation. In the case of Fresno / central valley, it began 50 yrs ago by a group of city employees and developers - by hand. Block-by-block, parcel-by-parcel. So keep in mind that the methods may not have been what one would expect, but it was enough to finally get the job done. Upon finally being caught, Fresno Mayor Alan Autry prohibited reports - see how far he went in order to keep this covered up.
CLICK: How Far Will Alan Autry Go to Cover THIS up?!? Also see CLICK: Marla