Friday, August 22, 2008

FYI Goes Solar

So some of you may have heard that Fresno Yosemite International has had a major solar panel instillation. I am intrigued about how all the financing broke down. Triplepundit had some interesting info on the set up:

World Water & Solar Technologies designed and lead managed the solar PV project, the core of which is a 2-megawatt, 9.5-acre ground mounted solar system, about the size of seven football fields. Sharp Solar supplied the solar panels for the project. Xantrex Technology supplied the inverters.

FYI expects to save about $13 million over the solar system’s 20-year expected life. The Power Purchase Agreement allowed the airport to install the system without incurring any capital expense. PG&E, administrator of the California Public Utility Commission incentive scheme, will also supervise the net-metering link with the power grid.

So if they didn't incur any capitol expense was it free? Did they pay labor? Is this viewed as an advertising ploy? I guess I am just suspicious.

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