Friday, November 7, 2008

Why are you surprised?

First off, congrats to Ashley Swearengin for being the next mayor of Fresno! But I puzzled by those who are puzzled. Why are we shocked that the Republican won in Fresno county? Especially in the year of Prop 8. Yes, yes I understand it is a non-affiliated party. I have also have a bridge to sell you. While she didn't have an R behind her name on the ballot she holds important what Republicans hold important. And that shapes at least my vote. Why does it also shock people that she had a plan? Did you think she didn't think about what she would do if she won? Of course she had plan. That would be the plan she ran on.

I just don't get the surprise in it all....

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Marla said...

Take a look at what Alan Autry was covering up:

Fresno's Massive 45-50 yr Cover-Up!