Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rick Bentley Broke My Heart

So Rick Bentley had a piece on one of my favorites, Anthony Head. Normally I like Bentley's pieces but this time he really let me down. But he obviously doesn't understand Buffy nor Buffy fans. To start with he said that Giles was a slayer. Slayers are always chicks. Giles was a watcher. Then he seems to not understand the breadth of Buffy fandom. Even if I wasn't a sucker for an Authurian piece (which I am) I would totally tune in to see the beloved Giles.

My last bone of contention is in the list of thing Anthony Head has done. Part of the reason this is so dissapointing is that it prove that we don't watch the same tv. Head didn't star in Doctor Who but guested in the show. And MI-5, which was a great show, was on Head's resume for multiple episodes.

Rant over.

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