Friday, July 31, 2009

The Fresno Bee Got it Right!

A couple of months agao I saw Mediterranean Grill listed in the People's Choice insert in the Bee. My friend and I even tried to go there for dinner but it closes by 2:30. So today I got a chance to try Mediterrean Grill for lunch. I loved it!!! For all those who know me, I am very hard to please in the restuarant arena. I mean if I am going to pay for it, it better be better than mine;).

Mediterranean Grill totally fits that bill. I ordered their Lebanese Chicken & Rice. The chicken comes with the yummiest garlic saice. Normally I am not a big sauce fan out because it is usually heavy and either overly salty or sweet. But I do have to say that sauce is what makes a good dish because it is all about layering flavors. Well, this was delightful!!! The sauce was a bit spicy and creamy with a hit of acid to brighten it all up. The chicken and rice was also served with a Fattoush Salad. That was great!!! It is fresh and just great. It is also a lot of food. I ate half of everything for a large lunch and then ate the salad with dinner. The rice and chicken will make a good lunch tomorrow. So it is definately worth the little over $9 it cost.

So if you are over by the Office Depot and Fresno Community Hospital, you have to try Mediterrean Grill!!!


Anonymous said...

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Shannon said...

I love that place! Delish : )